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IHS Announces New CEO

Nov 1, 2017

HUTCHINSON – Interfaith Housing Services is proud to announce that Lorna Moore has been selected as their new Chief Executive Officer. Moore has been an integral part of IHS for the past nine years and in that time has proven herself to be well suited to lead the organization in this role. Since January, Moore has served as Operations Director while the Board of Directors worked to select to successor to long-time CEO John Scott, who retired late last year.<... Read More

IHS Welcomes New Director of Development and Communications

Aug 15, 2017

HUTCHINSON – Interfaith Housing Services is pleased to welcome Rebekah Starkey Keasling as their new Director of Development. In her roll, Keasling will work closely with the Board of Directors and fellow staff members as she directs all resource development activities and implements an effective communications strategy to cultivate community support.

“I am thrilled to join this organization that is making a tangible difference here in Hutchinson and co... Read More

Homes renovated for veterans

Mar 28, 2017

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Interfaith Housing Services project for veterans’ duplex draws wide support

Jan 22, 2017

By Ashley Booker

Folks at Interfaith Housing Services can only remember one other project generating as much community support as its current venture, which will provide low-income rental housing for veterans and their families.

With the help of the community, Interfaith is converting a donated home into a duplex with two, two-bedroom, two-bathroom rental units, located across from its office, 1326 E. Ave. A.

“I believe the f... Read More

Hutchinson City Council approves home improvement incentive

Jan 17, 2017

The Hutchinson City Council on Tuesday approved a program to help provide interest-free home improvement loans in targeted neighborhoods.

The issue

The Hutchinson Housing Commission recommended using $35,000 from housing initiative funds to pay the interest on home improvement loans in the Southwest Bricktown, College Grove and Houston Whiteside Historic District neighborhoods in partnership with Peoples Bank and Trust.

Loans would be for... Read More

Homebuyer program a good move by city council

Nov 18, 2016

The Hutchinson City Council this week approved an additional tool to help residents become homeowners – and to improve over time the quality of Hutchinson’s housing stock, especially in those areas that have seen, or are threatened by, an increase in deteriorating homes.

Starting next year, Reno County renters who want to purchase a home in three neighborhoods – Southwest Bricktown, College Grove and Houston Whiteside – can levera... Read More

Interfaith Housing Services celebrates 25 years of service

Oct 31, 2016

A group of around 250 people helped celebrate Interfaith Housing Services’ 25 years of service to not only individuals, but entire communities across Kansas.

While it was a celebration of the nonprofit organization and those it’s influenced, speakers made sure to recognize the people who made it possible: the donors, volunteers, staff, and current and founding board members.

Without them, and a mission guided through standing strong to ... Read More

Interfaith Housing services has good reason to celebrate its past and future

Oct 7, 2016

Interfaith Housing Services celebrated its 25th anniversary this week, not only by looking at its past, but also ahead to the future.

Staff members and volunteers have put up affordable housing, helped remodel homes, taught people how to budget their household incomes and start businesses. They’ve opened Builders Bargains shop to help repurpose materials for fixer-uppers. {span}They even moved homes. {/span}

And it’s not done ye... Read More

IHS Celebrates 25 Years of Service

Sep 26, 2016

Donated house, Interfaith ingenuity create veterans housing

Sep 22, 2016

Hutchinson’s Interfaith Housing has come up with its own way to address the need to provide suitable living situations for low-income veterans.

The innovative agency was the beneficiary of a house donated by the owner of Stutzmans Greenhouse – it had been a Stutzman family home – who even paid to have it moved to its new location.

Now in place on a lot across the street from the Interfaith Housing offices at 1326 E. Ave. A, it will be ... Read More

Greenhouse owner donates house, moves it into Hutch: It will serve as a rental for vets

Aug 28, 2016

By Adam Stewart

Ervin and Emma Stutzman moved about 5 miles last year. Who could have guessed that a year later their home of five decades would move farther than they did?

The home the Stutzmans built in Pleasantview moved into Hutchinson, across from Interfaith Housing Services’ office, this week. Interfaith will divide it into a duplex, renting it out to low-income veterans.

The Stutzmans moved into a basement at the corner of K-... Read More

Neighborhood efforts in Hutchinson are beginning to bear fruit

Aug 2, 2016

Various community engagement initiatives in Hutchinson are beginning to coalesce neighbors in some fruitful ways.

One of them is taking the form of a new playground to serve the underserved children who live south of Avenue A. Neighborhood resident Amy Raigoza felt so strongly about the lack of safe places for kids to play there that she went to the Hutchinson Community Foundation’s “Unconference” event in March 2015, where Raigoza and others... Read More

Tax credits awarded to add workforce housing in Dodge City

May 28, 2016

By John Green at The Hutchinson News 

DODGE CITY – A Nebraska development company partnering with Hutchinson’s Interfaith Housing Services has been awarded Low Income Housing Tax Credits from the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation to build “workforce housing” in Dodge City.

The $6 million Santa Fe II apartments project will consist of 32 new energy-efficient, two- and three-bedroom apartments for families. The site is at Avenu... Read More

Housing Commission OKs incentive for beautification in target neighborhood

Apr 27, 2016

By Adam Stewart The Hutchinson News

The Hutchinson Housing Commission approved an incentive program for residents in the southwest part of town to beautify their front yards and porches.

The first 30 residents of the area to complete approved improvements would receive a $100 gift certificate or gift card. The proposal came from a committee of neighborhood residents formed through the Hutchinson Healthy Neighborhood initiative.

The initiative had me... Read More

Housing Commission proposes targeted incentives

Mar 24, 2016

By Adam Stewart at The Hutchinson News

The Hutchinson Housing Commission on Wednesday requested funds for the 2017 budget for four new programs assisting people with building, buying or rehabilitating homes in targeted areas.

The largest request came at the recommendation of City Council member Steve Dechant. He suggested setting aside money for “gap financing” on infill construction of new homes. In older neighborhoods with vacant lots, it typi... Read More

Interfaith launches new program to assist want-to-be homebuyers

Feb 21, 2016

By John Green at The Hutchinson News

Interfaith Housing Services has launched a new program to assist want-to-be first-time homebuyers who do not qualify for the agency’s IDA program to reach that dream.

The Hutchinson Area Homebuyers Club makes education and counseling now offered through the Kansas IDA program available to others for a one-time fee, said program manager Alicia Marsh.

“We work with first-time homebuyers who need assista... Read More

Throwback Thursday: Lorraine Street and Avenue A

Jan 28, 2016

By Steve Harmon

Today’s installment from our “Throwback Thursday” collection takes us to Lorraine Street and Avenue A.

The Salt City Business College had a long history in Hutchinson. In 1920, the president of the college, J.D. Conard, had an innovative idea. He started a satellite campus at 1326 E. Ave. A, and the Hutchinson Auto and Tractor School began.

Next door was the Massey-Harris Manufacturing Plant, so the two wor... Read More

AmeriCorps team departing after successful time in Hutch

Dec 18, 2015

By Adam Stewart at The Hutchinson News

For article link with pictures, click here.

Despite weathering a fire at the home they shared, a dozen AmeriCorps workers in Hutchinson accomplished more than they planned during their month and a half in Hutchinson.

The National Civilian Community Corps team is scheduled to return today to AmeriCorps in Denver, Colorado, before the group splits up and goes to new projects in warmer climates. Jay Holzapfel said... Read More

AmericCorps Workers Come to Hutchinson Through IHS grant

Nov 17, 2015

AmeriCorps workers come to Hutchinson: Young team helps to rejuvenate houses as it gains life experience

By Adam Stewart at The Hutchinson News

For full article with pictures, click here.

Music older than any of the team members prompted a dance party during after-dinner cleanup among AmeriCorps workers Nov. 7 in Hutchinson.

Jay Holzapfel had been humming parts of “Africa” by Toto before and after dinner. When other team members comme... Read More

Cash, and we aren’t talking Johnny

Oct 29, 2015

By Rudy Rodriguez, Columnist for The Hutchinson News

For full article, click here.

I hear much talk from the younger generation today about purchasing their first home. It is exciting to hear how they progress through the process, from initially talking about it, working hard on their savings and actually going through the steps of purchasing that first home. An individual will not make a bigger purchase than that of a home,... Read More

1,100 Hutch homes, apartments in bad shape

Oct 28, 2015

By Adam Stewart at The Hutchinson News 

For article link, click here.

Hutchinson needs about 1,100 new houses and apartment units just to replace problem housing, Director of Planning and Development Jana McCarron told the Housing Commission on Wednesday.

“It’s shocking, but I don’t think it’s unrealistic,” commissioner Ron Fisher said.

McCarron took that figure from Reno County App... Read More

New Hutch store will offer discounted building materials for the Pinterest, DIY crowd

Oct 5, 2015

Click here to read the full article with pictures.

By John Green The Hutchinson News

For the past couple of months, a handful of volunteers have been reorganizing a massive jumble of donated building materials accumulated over years in Interfaith Housing Services’ Avenue A warehouse.

After all the sorting, dusting, shelving, stacking, hang... Read More

Video - Interfaith Housing in Hutchinson to build new rental housing

Aug 27, 2015

Interfaith Housing in Hutchinson to build new rental housing

To watch the video, click the KSN Channel 3 news link below.

HUTCHINSON, Kansas- Interfaith Housing has received a grant from the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation to build two new rental homes.

The rental homes will be modular homes and will be put on a vacant lot in an older part of town.... Read More

KHRC approves Interfaith Housing Services’ “Building for the Future” grant

Aug 21, 2015

HUTCHINSON Kan. – Interfaith Housing Services, Inc. has been awarded a $139,325 grant from Kansas Housing Resource Corporation (KHRC) through the Home Rental Development Program. HOME, funded through the Federal Home Investment Partnerships, assists communities and developers with increasing the supply of affordable rental housing.

“We look forward to working with Interfaith Housing Services to provide quality and affordable housing to the resi... Read More

June 2015 newsletter

Aug 18, 2015

Magic Happens Here…Thanks to YOU!


YOU Helped a Young Family's Dream Come True. Click here to find out how. 


You can help us "Build for the Future". Read here


See how YOUR support saved this family's life here.

... Read More

Hutchinson Land Bank transfers 1st property

Aug 17, 2015

Hutchinson Land Bank transferred its first property since its inception to Interfaith Housing Services Inc. on Tuesday, the city announced.

The property at 300 E. Ave. G will be used to construct a pair of three-bedroom, two-bathroom modular homes, including one with a basement. The main floor of both will be just over 1,100 square feet, Interfaith Housing Director of Operations Ron Fisher said in July.

"We are very excited to transfer our first prope... Read More

Law change reinvegorates Interfaith's CASH program

Jun 30, 2015

Law change reinvegorates Interfaith's CASH program

By John Green The Hutchinson News

Jun 27, 2015


A bill tacked onto the Legislature’s late-session tax package will preserve an Interfaith Housing Services program that used donated dollars to help people save for college, housing or business dreams.

Ho... Read More

Interfaith Housing Services gets $25K grant for financial program

Jun 17, 2015

By Tiffany Rose Dawson The Hutchinson News 

Jun 11, 2015


Want to curb your spending but don’t want to pay for a financial management class?

Interfaith Housing Services (IHS) will be reaching out beyond Hutchinson to offer its financial capability class for free, thanks to a $25,000 Recognition Grant from the Kansas Health Foundation.

“Take Control – Grow Your Financial Wellness” is a fun,... Read More

Interfaith Housing Services wins BRAVO! Award from the city

Jun 17, 2015

What an exciting week IHS is having! Yesterday we received the Bravo! Award from the City of Hutchinson's Community Improvement Commission for the house our gracious volunteers and donors helped us renovate on West 7th Street.

This award recognizes owners of homes and businesses who have set an example of being a good neighbor by maintaining and improving their property.

Read More

Kansas lawmakers consider restoring tax credit program

May 5, 2015

By: Kelsie Jennings 

TOPEKA — Andy Brown has been helping people for more than half his life. It’s where he finds enjoyment and fulfillment.

“I didn’t get as much satisfaction working at places that were for-profit companies,” said Brown, a 38-year-old Lawrence resident. “I like what I’m doing; giving back to the community.”

It started in high school with volunteering. When Brown attended Washburn... Read More

Interfaith shows off rescued house

Mar 19, 2015

By: Tim Schrag 

After a fire in 2008 it appeared the two-bedroom house at 213 W. 7th Ave. would no longer be a home.

In fact, it sat abandoned for about six years. The house was even on the city’s demolition list. Then, Interfaith Housing Services came into the picture in April of last year. The group took ownership of the house and began breathing life back into residence.

With the help of volunteers from the United Way, the Conservative... Read More

Interfaith developing plan for 'impact' housing project

Jan 13, 2015

By: Ken Stephens 

Interfaith Housing Services is developing a plan to build modular homes on three vacant lots in the southern part of Hutchinson and possibly as many as 30 housing units in the area around Lincoln Elementary School and the Elmdale Community Center.

The goal of the larger project is to concentrate Interfaith’s efforts to create a visible and significant impact on the neighborhood.

“There’s a sense that the revi... Read More

It’s Bravo! Awards for businesses, homeowners

Dec 29, 2014

By Ken Stephens

The Community Improvement Commission’s semiannual Bravo! Awards for exterior maintenance or improvement at Hutchinson homes and businesses were announced at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

This year’s Fall awards went to homeowners John and Denise Moore, 201 E. 19th Ave.; Christopher and Margaret Akins, 111 W. 18th Ave.; Jack and Shirley McClelland, 1020 E. 12th Ave.; Kimberly and Mark Hopengardner, 1809 N. Main St.; Palm... Read More

Family building a better future in Partridge

Dec 11, 2014

By: Fed Solis, The Clarion 

For Dwayne and Brandy Mitts, the American dream of owning a home is coming together at Partridge.

With the help of Interfaith Housing Services, the Partridge Community Church and the Mitts’ own labor, called sweat equity under the housing program’s mutual self-help guidelines, a three-bedroom house is under construction for the couple and six of their children, ages 5, 9, 9, 11, 12 and 15.

“I think ... Read More

CASH program receives $25,000 grant from Kansas Health Foundation

Dec 5, 2014

Interfaith Housing Services, Inc. receives $25,000 grant from Kansas Health Foundation for the Creating Assets, Savings and Hope Program.

Hutchinson, Kan. – Interfaith Housing Services, Inc. has been awarded a $25,000 grant through the Kansas Health Foundation’s Recognition Grants program. This funding will help support the Creating Assets, Savings and Hope (CASH) Program.

“We are delighted to receive this grant from the Kansas Health Foun... Read More

Project helps families build a future

Oct 20, 2014

Interfaith Housing Services and four families broke ground Monday in South Hutchinson on what, for this area, is a new way of building homes.

The families will help each other, and professional contractors, build their homes – three near Avenue C and Poplar Street in South Hutchinson and one in Partridge. None will move in until all the homes are finished next spring.

For their contribution of 20-30 hours of labor each week, the new home owners &ndash... Read More

Interfaith Housing, families plan to build homes with 'sweat equity'

Oct 10, 2014

At one time, Michelle Dixon had despaired of her growing family ever being able to afford to buy a house and move out of the 720-square-foot home they now rent. Saving for a down payment was the biggest hurdle, she said.

Then Dixon, 28, and her husband, Stephen, a 31-year-old corrections officer, learned about and enrolled in Interfaith Housing Services’ CASH (Creating Assets, Savings and Hope) Program.

While they were in class, learning about how to ... Read More

Interfaith Housing gets $130,000 federal grant for CASH program

Oct 7, 2014

Interfaith Housing Services has received a $130,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families.

The money will be used for Interfaith’s Creating Assets, Savings and Hope Program, which enrolls low- to moderate-income individuals in financial responsibility classes and then provides a 2-to-1 match of their savings toward a goal, such as a down payment on a first home, repairing their current home... Read More

Need More Brushing

Aug 22, 2014

Housing is an issue that makes the news in Hutchinson plenty, and mostly it’s bad news lately. An exception is the Brush Up Hutch program the city administers.

The program makes it possible for income-eligible homeowners to receive up to $300 for paint and other supplies to paint their homes. It’s a great way to spruce up the city, and many homes are in need of a good coat of paint.

That’s the good news. The bad news is participation has lagg... Read More

Painting program lags 2013 participation

Aug 12, 2014

The number of people taking advantage of the Brush Up Hutch program is lagging behind that of a year ago. But as Neighborhood Standards Office Roy Little said, “The year’s not over.”

In a report to the Community Improvements Commission on Tuesday, Associate City Planner Amy Denker said that six paint projects have been completed in 2014, compared with 10 at the same point a year ago. However, 16 more projects are in the pipeline, including at leas... Read More

Money Smart Week for everyone

Apr 4, 2014

Today begins Money Smart Week, and Interfaith Housing Services has planned a plethora of events for anyone needing assistance on such topics as sending kids to college and repairing one’s credit.

This is the first time Hutchinson is participating in Money Smart Week, a public awareness campaign designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances, said Lorna Moore, IDA program manager with Interfaith Faith Housing Services. It was started by the F... Read More

Interfaith Housing caught in tax law shakeup

Feb 1, 2014

Interfaith Housing Services is seeking legislative support for a change in state tax law so that individuals can once again purchase state income tax credits that are the main source of funding for the nonprofit organization's Individual Development Account Program.

That program helps low-income people save for purchasing or repairing a home, continuing their education or starting a small business.

Before 2013, Interfaith raised $650,000 by selling the 75 ... Read More

Trying to look beyond need

Feb 1, 2014

Someday, down the road, Gary and Amanda Johnson dream of owning their home and not being dependent on food stamps.

For now, this Hutchinson family of four relies on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to put food on the table.

"The day we are off food stamps I will rejoice," said Gary.

The couple has set goals to ensure that day will eventually come.

Gary has a full-time job with USD 308 as a head custodian at HMS-8, but st... Read More

Sweat equity is rewarded with building program

Jan 31, 2014

Interfaith Housing Services has received a two-year, $360,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to launch a mutual self-help new housing construction program in rural communities of less than 30,000 people.

"Basically it's designed to help qualified families build their own home at a lot lower cost because of their sweat equity," said Interfaith Housing Director Julia Westfahl.

Westfahl said the program is being launched in Lyons, wh... Read More