Video - Interfaith Housing in Hutchinson to build new rental housing

Aug 27, 2015

Interfaith Housing in Hutchinson to build new rental housing

To watch the video, click the KSN Channel 3 news link below.

HUTCHINSON, Kansas- Interfaith Housing has received a grant from the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation to build two new rental homes.

The rental homes will be modular homes and will be put on a vacant lot in an older part of town. Holly Thomas of Interfaith Housing said that they hope to revitalize older parts of Hutchinson, “By using modular homes we are able to get new homes on old vacant lots in a price point consistent with the neighborhood.”

Two modular homes will be covered by the grant which is $139,325. Modular homes cost less than traditional building.

Holly says she is excited to see how the rentals revitalize that part of town, “I am looking forward to changing not only the perception of modular homes but the perception of the older neighborhoods and rebuilding an area of town that when is described it’s close to a golf course, it’s close to a park, it’s got a zoo.”

One of the modular homes will be built with a crawl space, the other will have a basement. Interfaith housing says they want to try both homes as test homes to see which model works best as they want to build more modular homes on vacant lots in the future.

The two modular homes will be finished in October.