Throwback Thursday: Lorraine Street and Avenue A

Jan 28, 2016

By Steve Harmon

Today’s installment from our “Throwback Thursday” collection takes us to Lorraine Street and Avenue A.

The Salt City Business College had a long history in Hutchinson. In 1920, the president of the college, J.D. Conard, had an innovative idea. He started a satellite campus at 1326 E. Ave. A, and the Hutchinson Auto and Tractor School began.

Next door was the Massey-Harris Manufacturing Plant, so the two worked in tandem. Also, right out front was the interchange for the Hutch Interurban and the Ark Valley Interurban Trolley lines, so access to the school was very easy.

The first photo shows the Hutchinson Auto and Tractor School in 1920. It’s longevity was limited, and by 1930, the school had closed. The second photo shows the current property occupants, Interfaith Housing Services, at 1326 E. Ave. A, managed by John Scott.