Donated house, Interfaith ingenuity create veterans housing

Sep 22, 2016

Hutchinson’s Interfaith Housing has come up with its own way to address the need to provide suitable living situations for low-income veterans.

The innovative agency was the beneficiary of a house donated by the owner of Stutzmans Greenhouse – it had been a Stutzman family home – who even paid to have it moved to its new location.

Now in place on a lot across the street from the Interfaith Housing offices at 1326 E. Ave. A, it will be renovated into a duplex with two, two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments. Ready for occupancy by March, it is Interfaith’s first foray into veterans housing.

Interfaith Housing, however, has a 25-year history of constructing and rehabilitating housing for people of low- to moderate income in Reno County and the region. In this case, a structure that otherwise would have been demolished became an asset Interfaith could repurpose.

Communities have addressed needs of low-income vets in other ways. In Kansas City, for example, “tiny houses” – 240 square feet – are being constructed on vacant land to house homeless veterans.

It’s good to see our own Interfaith Housing expanding into veterans housing. And when an old home can be recycled for such a worthwhile purpose, it’s especially gratifying.

By John D. Montgomery

for the Hutchinson News Editorial Board