Interfaith Housing services has good reason to celebrate its past and future

Oct 7, 2016

Interfaith Housing Services celebrated its 25th anniversary this week, not only by looking at its past, but also ahead to the future.

Staff members and volunteers have put up affordable housing, helped remodel homes, taught people how to budget their household incomes and start businesses. They’ve opened Builders Bargains shop to help repurpose materials for fixer-uppers. {span}They even moved homes. {/span}

And it’s not done yet.

IHS announced this week expansion of its Sante Fe townhomes to provide more affordable housing in Ford County and the acquisition by donation of the St. Francis Hospital site. The old hospital building should help add an estimated 40 new senior apartments in Hutchinson.

As John Scott passes on the helm at the organization he helped build over the past quarter century, it’s a good opportunity to look at the impact IHS has on this community.

The organization has seen:

  • 10,300 volunteer hours this year.
  • 1,006 individuals saved to buy their first home, started a business or furthered their education through its CASH program since its inception in 2008.
  • 686 households given financial education to help them become more self-sufficient.
  • 120 home repairs completed the past two years.
  • 11 businesses launched.

Those are huge accomplishments. This community is better for having Interfaith Housing Services.

May it continue to earn this kind of support in volunteers, donations and community support for many more years.

By Ron Sylvester

Hutchinson News editorial board