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Home for the Holidays 2017 Newsletter

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, this year we were once again able to provide the help needed for many people to enjoy these holidays safely in their home. Whether the issue was accessibility, financial stability, a deteriorating exterior or just needing a fresh start, your support has transformed lives this year. This edition will give you a peek at a few of their stories.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Interfaith Housing Services, Inc.

Aging with dignity thanks to helping hands.

When Ivy came to us, at 95 years old she was no longer able to climb the stairs to her bedroom. Nightly, she had to physically drag herself up the stairs and crawl to her room. Imagine the hardships her body endured and the mental anguish as she sat at the bottom anticipating the grueling ascent as she ended her day and was ready to rest. 

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A fresh start — and a hand up.

At her lowest, Toni was living in a tent with her beloved dog Ghost. She spent her days gathering aluminum cans to get enough money for a “tall boy” from the liquor store. This was the life that Toni led, when hope seemed far away.

One morning, as she watched the sun rise she had a moment of clarity. “If anyone is going to change my life, it has to be me.” Toni looked at Ghost and told him they were going to get a home.

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Client Update: Completing the transformation

You may remember Lawson Little from our last newsletter. Lawson became an Interfaith rental tenant after his release from prison. Rental Property Manager, Clint Nelson, told Lawson about the Kansas Individual Development Account (IDA) Program. He completed the financial education course and began saving every month.

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Weathering the Storm with a Helping Hand

I love a thunderous prairie storm. The smell of rain and the freshness in the air as the world is washed clean. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that those simple joys are huge trials for some.

For years, Judith taped plastic bags to her ceiling to catch the leaks coming into her home. A two time cancer survivor, for her rain meant stress, hard work, and a constant reminder of the deterioration of her home. Everyone should be able to enjoy the rain.

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A letter from our CEO

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this organization at such an exciting time. As you have read in this newsletter, your meaningful donations and ongoing support continually allows us to transform lives throughout our community.

What’s next? I am glad you asked. There are some very exciting larger projects on the horizon for 2018. Here is just a taste:

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