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House Full of Laughter and Love

When Daron returned to his family from his final tour in the North-West Pakistan war, he was lost. He felt like something was missing and he just couldn’t pinpoint it. Reintegrating to civilan life was difficult; he didn’t fit in anymore. Daron ended up leaving his 13 year marriage for a transient lifestyle in search of himself. In return, he lost everything – his family and what possessions he had left.

After a year of carrying all he owned in a backpack and sleeping on couches, he had a moment of clarity. Gazing upon a portrait of Christ, he felt that Jesus was speaking to him, “Do it for your boys.” That’s when he knew he needed to achieve a more stable lifestyle and be a part of his kids’ lives.

Returning to Hutchinson, Daron was homeless and was told about IHS’s Veteran Duplex. Since moving in, he has regained joint custody of his two boys. The only furniture they have is a couch and bed, plus a few possessions, but they make the most of their time together.

With the absence of a television, they enjoy riding their bikes to the library and bringing home new books to read together – nearly every day. On hot days, they enjoy cooling off at Salt City Splash. If you drive by the house, it is not uncommon to see them outside playing or sitting on the porch reading a book together.

This stable housing has allowed for Daron and the boys to spend quality time together. In addition, the boys’ behavior and literacy has improved in the short time.

“The amount of heart and generosity the community has rallied around this project and us Veterans is overwhelming. I can’t thank those that helped enough,” said Daron.

In Daron’s case, your gifts are fostering a stable, loving home for his children.

“I wouldn’t even know where to start in thanking the donors. I got my boys back and they are getting to spend the quality time they need with me. Their growth in just this short time has been amazing. It wouldn’t have been possible without you (IHS) and your donors. Thank you,” exclaimed Daron.